Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thing 20--The Magical World of YouTube

So I was going to post a YouTube video about Web 2.0, maybe a video on Wikipedia or an interview with Tim O'Reilly (edutainment, if you will); I was going to post a funny bit about libraries or cell phones, perhaps the commercial with the blond in the library ordering food or the cell phone Karma commercial from Kyocera (satire, how bold). Then I thought of posting some bit of remembered childhood fun, "Hanker for a Hunk of Cheese" or some Schoolhouse Rock (how nostalgic); I even thought of putting up a video from a good but under-appreciated band, such as The Dears or Saybia or Mew (promoting good music--a public service). But I didn't.

Most people have known about YouTube in some way for some time now. I think most people use it for some of the reasons mentioned above or to see some celebrity make a fool of him/herself or to get their 15 minutes or for some other mild entertainment. I use it to distract one of the Cheeky Monkeys more than anything else. Listen, I don't know why someone would take 4 minutes of video of a garbage truck making the rounds, but my Monkey loves it. It's not to say that YouTube can't be used for better things, but for most folks it is about distraction (either self or of another). So be it. If you need to see the cat flushing the toilet or the baby panda sneezing to get you through the day, then go wild. I mean, how else would I have been introduced to the high-brow world of the school bus wheelie?


Jeanie Pfefferkorn said...

But isn't Henry one lucky fella to have a mom educated enough to know how to find a school bus wheelie on the internet so that he can be entertained for 5 minutes while you snatch a few moments of peace?


lisa b said...

Joanne, this was too funny!